Nutritional Consulting -One Month 


As we are “awakening” in this amazing time to be alive, our eating habits often take a back seat.  There is a sense of “not enough time, or organic is too expensive”,   Our body is truly the temple of God and it is important to take care of it. All other glories of life,,,,,, joy, love, peace, and abundance are diminished if we don’t feel good.  It is about loving yourself.  Do you have to give up all you enjoy? Of course not.  One size does not fit all; it is important to “customize” eating habits to the individual.   I employ the cards along with my intuitive and nutritional knowledge to assist you in finding a healthy lifestyle that is just that………….YOUR “feelin” good” lifestyle!.

Offered By:JoAnn Miller - Peace Prophetess

Four weekly Zoom or phone calls to set up simple changes in lifestyle.  After the first session, I will work with the Spiritual side of the client’s situation.  I will use readings, clearings and/or activations to ensure that all blockages that are affecting a nutritional problem are removed,  It is important to commit to at least one month.