PARADISE, A Short Story about the World after the Shift


A Short Story About the World After the Shift!

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Offered By:JoAnn Miller - Peace Prophetess

I wrote what I was given from a Higher Source, some fourteen years ago. Then I let this amazing information sleep for all this time.  The truth this short story holds is as true today as it was back then.  We are simply fourteen years closer to World Peace.   Actually, we are on the brink of this miracle.

A forty-five minute read, at most, this book states in simple terms, how we got where we are today and what we can look forward to as Peace manifests in our reality.  

Due to the huge flooding of Light pouring into our Mother Earth and all her inhabitants, we ARE the change we are looking for and desiring.   Who doesn’t want World Peace for themselves, their children, and their grandchildren? 

Read this sweet book that is loaded with codes of peace, joy, love, and abundance.  You will feel and see the results of this information and these codes in your life. 

This is why we all came to this planet this lifetime…………….to usher in PARADISE.

Peace Works!!

What does life without fear look like?

The Laughter begins!


PARADISE, A Short Story about the World after the Shift

The vibration of the planet and her inhabitants has increased.

A “remembering” blossoms as does the resolve to establish a peaceful, loving planet filled with joy. This new Earth manifests as Paradise. Life in all things is realized along with the understanding that we are all one.

“An apocalyptic spiritual work describes the sick world of today and the healed planet of tomorrow. This anxiety-ridden planet will be transformed into an Earth where fear does not exist and humans realize their inherent interconnectedness. Humans need only hold on a little longer, let go of the fear that governs their lives, and meditate on the world to come! The prose is light and breezy. This short work is not really ideological in any way.”

… Kirkus Reviews