Parts of the Astrology Chart Workshop


1.5 hours Zoom workshop, recording provided.

Offered By:Sally Boyd - Intuitive Astrologer

Are you baffled when you look at an astrological chart? It is easier than you think!

Everyone has a Sun, Moon, Rising, Mercury sign, etc, Understanding you are more than a horoscope in the back of a magazine could change your mind about how accurate astrology is.

There are 12 possibilities for each planetary placement in your natal chart, not to mention their unique aspects. No two natal charts are the same.  This workshop will explain the most important things to remember!

  • The three most important parts of your chart
  • The planets and how your personality was formed.
  • Parts of the Wheel
  • Zodiac signs
  • Houses
  • Aspects
  • How to read your own natal chart

This is a crash course to wet your whistle!  You will be amazed at the clarity.

Afraid you won’t remember or can’t attend? I will send you a recording!

There will be time for Q&A