OPENING TO MEDITATION, A Gentle, Guided Approach


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Offered By:Diana Lang
Do you want to change your life? 
Learn to meditate with Diana Lang’s gem of a book on meditation. Whether you have never meditated before or if you’ve been meditating all your life, this thoughtful book will inspire your meditation practice.    
This book explains what the practice of meditation is and how to establish a daily practice. Opening to Meditation is a book that resonates on many levels. It is a blend of philosophy and instruction that reveals, in the most simple and direct way, that meditation is natural to us, it is our birthright as human beings, it is easy, and most of all, it is an experience of love.
Included with her book is a CD, and/or an MP3 link, for two 15-minute meditations which provide the listener with immediate access to meditative states, as well as a 15-minute talk on the art of meditation spoken by the author.