Diana Lang

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Los Angeles based spiritual teacher and counselor Diana Lang is the author of OPENING TO MEDITATION, published by New World Library. She has been teaching the practical application of spiritual principles to everyday life since 1980. Additionally, she has written extensively for The Huffington Post on the subject of spiritual relationship.

Diana has studied spiritual teachings from around the world and has taught thousands of students in the US and internationally. Her special gift is to translate abstract spiritual principles into simple, easy-to-understand concepts that are immediately relevant to daily life. She demystifies spirituality, giving practical tools and applications so that the new student can have a powerful understanding – right away. Her encouraging, lighthearted approach to meditation and body/mind awareness allows for an authentic experience of real spiritual connection, well-being, and heightened awareness.

Diana offers one-on-one sessions for spiritual growth. Her background includes extensive studies in meditation, yoga, and tai chi. She is a Reiki master and also a lifelong astrologer with advanced training in esoteric studies.

Currently, Diana is presenting seminars and classes on women’s meditation. “Almost every meditation practice that is known ‘to man’ has been designed for them. A women’s approach is far different,” she says.

Diana also offers free meditations available on Soundcloud and Youtube, along with live on Facebook, monthly full moon meditations.


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