Karen Haughey

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Artist and Author

Karen Haughey has been an intuitive artist for the past forty years and the author of  Angels, Guardians of the Light, published by Hay House in 1995. Her most recent book, Mindscapes, was published in 2019 by River Sanctuary.

Her work has been published on many book covers, multimedia, and she has exhibited her art in gallery presentations throughout the United States. Her self-taught technique consists of watercolor, pastel, and gouache.

Karen has studied metaphysical philosophy since the early 1980s and trained exclusively with Louise Hay. Later Karen would become Louise's art teacher as well.

Karen has given numerous workshops and lectures regarding Louise's famous book. You Can Heal Your Life.

Published art books   1995-2019

Angels: Guardians of the Light by Karen M. Haughey

Angels, Guardians of the Light, Hay House

Angel Answers, Simon Shuster

One Source, Sacred Journeys, Markowitz Publications, Hawaii

Mindscapes, River Sanctuary Publishing

Mindscapes: An Artist's Thoughts and Visions - Haughey, Karen





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